Before and After Photoshop Images of Me

The purpose of this post is to expose the use of photoshop in model photography. It’s not ALL ABOUT making people look skinny, many other features make a photo “pop”: contrast, color, cropping, etc.

Before I started modeling, I was insecure about scars, stretch marks, and even freckles that most people don’t even notice. There are so many women out there who obsess about tiny aspects of their body, but do not realize how insignificant their perceived “flaws” are.

Basically: Awesome images can be created for anyone! Having a good eye for composing imagery and knowing your camera skills are super important, And photoshop can help bring even more life to your images. 

In the following images, you can see an unedited photo next to an edited version. I am confident in my posing and I truly believe my inner muse shines in all my images- edited or NOT. However photoshop can be used to enhance colors, highlights, shadows, and remove distractions. Here is a growing collection of some before-and-after photoshop images of me.

Here Photoshop is used to enhance contrast, brighten colors, and adjust the electrical tape lines on my body. by John M Studios
brightened, color pop, skin touch up/ smoothing
Skin touch up, smoothing, contrast, color

Skin touch up, color pop, skin smoothing, removed side crease
Skin touch up, color pop, skin smoothing, removed tummy crease and waistline bulge
Jason Salvatori used photoshop here to enhance contrast, bring back tesure, even tones, crop, and enhance colors