My Fetish Model-Kidnapping Scare Experience in Australia

Oh boy have I got a story to tell you!!!! It’s every traveling models’ nightmare to get tricked into a kidnapping scenario while traveling overseas. WELL I had to use my womanly intuition and street smarts extremely carefully recently….

I signed up for a full day (big $$) Jeans Fetish video shoot in Australia. The producer and I had exchanged about 70 emails over two months, as they have a personal jeans designer who tailors the pants for their website to the EXACT dimensions of the models they work with. I skyped with this man a few times, and his communication was very professional and encompassed all the elements of setting up a proper shoot- no red flags….

Until the DAY BEFORE THE SHOOT… he sent me this freaky email titled “Formalities” … he asked about signing an adult model release and bla bla … THEN THIS:

“the resident of the home is super cautious and has asked that your mobile phone is switched off and remains off for the whole time so GPS coordinates cannot be ascertained! Also that your eyes are covered for the last few kilometers prior to arrival so that you don’t know where the home is.” [she was afraid her teenage daughter would somehow find out about the shoot if I accidently leaked the location….]

Of course all my red flags were flipping the FUCK out at this point… how could this be? I mean… visualize me with a bag over my head and cell phone shut off on my way to some fetish shoot… WTF??!! Of course, I told him that was completely unnacceptable and I point blank told him is sounded like a kidnapping setup.

I then started panicking, asking him to provide extra validation for his profesionalism: model references, previous work links, all things that had up to this point slipped through the cracks since no red flags had been triggered until now.

The producer replied extremely apologetically, and then told me he convinced the irrational female property owner (apparently a soccor mom who begrudgingly was going to let him use her house for the shoot, super conservative family) to agree to drop the blindfold and cell phone restrictions, but I was already shaken up.

I had to ask myself, is this worth investigating further? The producer claimed to have spent a large amount of money renting gear and creating the custom fit jeans for me… was he truly being pressured by this woman to ask me about a blindfold? Or was this some kind of freaky trick?

I agreed to meet him in person outside my hotel to get a better feel for making my final decision.  He arrived, I asked for the Jeans, tried them on, and sure enough they fit me EXACTLY. So I knew the pants were real, and the man seemed genuine. I quelled my “fight or flight” instinct that was triggered by the kidnapping nightmare visual, and decided that we were both victims of the property owner: a tight-wadded soccer mom who said she was afraid my cell phone would GPS locate her home and somehow through seven degrees of seperation would reveal that a “porn shoot” was occurring at her place.

My boyfriend was freaking the fuck out. That producer picked me up the next morning. I brought a kitchen knife in my outfit bag…. just in case!

The shoot went totally normal, me wearing super tight jeans 60% of the time and doing a slow sexy strip tease to nude. That was it! We shot the full day, and I actually enjoyed the videographer’s company. He talked about his kinky wife the whole time, and we kept making jokes about the alleged kidnapping scenario.

The last scene we shot was of me lying on a black sheepskin on a black piano in the tight jeans, the producer then did something I didn’t expect while I was lying with my back arched atop the musical furniture… The video camera was on the tripod pointed at me, and he sat at the piano while I posed and played the most beautiful melody while I slowly posed for his clip…. it was serene!

The day could not have gone smoother, and nothing creepy happened! The moral of the story is: don’t make a flash judgement on someone just because something scared you. Sadly, many people burn bridges in an instant due to one bump in the road. It takes character to look deeper into a situation, and it takes wisdom to discern what’s real sometimes.

Thank you all SO MUCH for taking the time to read my experience! Because of YOU I have the strength and confidence to travel further and to dive deeper into my creativity!

*Peace and Love

Kristy Jessica

Have you ever been given a “second chance”? Or been confronted with a situation where you questioned someone’s motives?

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