“Ageless” | 3 different women in a body positive artistic nude short film by EmotePro

Three women, aged 20, 47, and 62 bared their skin for this raw passion project. The traditional view of “beauty” has previously been stereotyped to slender, wrinkle free bodies. “Ageless” portrays the most alluring curve on a woman’s body: her smile.

May other women out there watching this be able to relate to the imagery of aging bodies, curvy bodies, deep wrinkles, classical back rolls, as well as the soft and youthful type. So many beautiful women cannot see their beauty, whether it’s inside or out. Every human has the ability to love, embrace, and to smile.

These three women had never met each other before, I found them online!

Starring: Allie Summers, Debbie Tate, and Mary Ann

Shot at the Darryl Briggs Studio in Dallas, TX

Music by AntonG “Slow Motion Lights”

Shot on a Sony RX10 iii

Directed, Shot, and Produced by Kristy Jessica of EmotePro


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