Kristy Jessica's
Southwest Adventure

Photo Trips

So, you want to shoot epic nudes in South Utah?

Some words from photographers who have taken the journey with me:

I spent an amazing day shooting with Kristy in the stunning landscape of South Utah. Kristy had carefully explored the entire region and was able to plan an itinerary with such a diverse variety of beautiful locations!  Every detail from transport to water was taken care of. I was able to just relax and absorb the adventure, while effortlessly producing first class images with every click of the shutter. My day’s shooting with Kristy in Utah sits comfortably as one of my absolute highlights.

Screenshot 2023-05-12 at 10.16.41 AM

-Soubriquet Photography

Our Wheels for this Adventure!

I have a 4-door 4×4 off roading Ford Ranger with great capabilities for taking us to the most secluded places! There’s plenty of room for gear, guests or props and outfits!

Next opportunity between
Aug 16-Oct 18, 2024 you select your shoot date(s)!

If you want a photo tour experience that exceeds your expectations, I highly recommend booking with this model. Her dedication to ensuring an enjoyable and unforgettable experience is unmatched (whispers: she’s a recovering people-pleaser—so that’s her motivation to get the best images possible for you—she’s like the Energizer Bunny, never runs out of battery; I was the one winded from all the day’s creativity.) I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. I’ll do it again! Great value for its price; I got two days of working with her!

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-Robert Domondon

Experienced and dependable, those are the first two qualities that come to mind in describing Kristy Jessica during our photoshoot in Utah. Over two full days we had multiple locations planned that relied on being at the right place at the right time. Kristy got us where we needed to be and made sure we were adequately prepared for each day’s creative journey.

If you’re thinking of heading to South Utah for a photo shoot, contact her. She’s a pro.


-Bruce Talbot


Choose Your Adventure

$ 999 for 1 day
  • 2 Days ($198 off!)
  • 3 Days ($597 off!)

The BEST Light!

Locations have been carefully studied for what time of day they are in the best lighting- sunrise to sunset!

Versatile Modeling

Advanced yoga, fine art nude, glamour, fashion, avante garde styles can all be captured here.


Ride in my 4x4 truck to places that are hard to get to and rare to see!

I was very lucky to work with Kristy at her southwest adventure shoot. What can I say about Kristy that everyone doesn’t already know, she is a true professional and her energy is amazing that she brings to the shoot. We got together early in the morning and did 7 different locations in one day, one requiring a 30-minute hike going in. It was amazing, her dedication and time she puts into this is trip is well worth it for any photographer new or experienced, you will have an amazing time. She is also so fun to be around between shoot she will have you laughing all day. I would work with her anytime anyplace.

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-William Scherrer

The Model:
Kristy Jessica

Hi I am Kristy, your location guide & nude model 🙂 I have been coming to this area of South Utah twice a year since 2020. After thousands of miles driving & countless hours researching & exploring, I have discovered endless epic and secluded shoot locations.


I am 36 and live in an RV (yes, I tow it too!). Our magic carpet for this adventure is my 4×4 2023 Ford Ranger extended cab (so plenty of room for outfits and gear!) 

With 18 years of experience in front of the camera and 8 years behind the camera, I can help your visions become a reality in the most beautiful landscapes on earth!

I am experienced in yoga and can incorporate bendy poses into our sessions if you’d like. Glamour, avante-garde, fine art nude, & pinup are all genres I can skillfully emote for your projects. 

I have been working with Kristy many times over the years and from various places. It’s always been a pleasure working with her. Kristy is very professional and her artistry is out of this world. My keeper images rate shooting with her is very high from all the shoots we have done. I don’t think I can find another model as good as her very easily. I highly recommend her to any photographers.

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-Wei Zhang


Slot Canyons


Cliff edges

Striped Bluffs

Ancient Volcanic Ash

rock Formations

Sand Dunes