• I totally freaked out my dad…

    I totally freaked out my dad…

    Unfortunately this conversation led to us not speaking for 2 months…

          “I can’t believe what evil you’re getting into!” His opening statement was not the warm ‘hello’ I was anticipating. 

         “Dad… what are you talking about?” I gripped my Razr phone while switching lanes.

         “I saw on FACEBOOK you’re in sex slavery!”

    Late teens snapshot


         I could tell he was super offended by whatever I had done. But I couldn’t quite connect what he was talking about… I was definitely no-one’s sex slave. I had a boyfriend at that time with whom I was monogamous…

         “There’s a photo of you in chains in a dungeon!” He continued. “I see you’re choosing to go down a SINFUL path that’s going to lead you to HELL!”

         Oh yeah! That fetish photo shoot…  Suddenly I made the connection that my dad was referring to a photo shoot I did recently, involving latex and whips and chains. Yeah… that would be a shocking sight for my dad to see! I definitely didn’t post anything like that… but I had just signed up for Facebook and apparently didn’t know how to manage my photo tagging privacy settings… 

    This is the photo I was tagged in (though censored) which freaked my dad out

         “You need to re-invite the Lord Jesus back into your heart KRISTY!” He clearly thought I was lost… 

         “Dad, that was from a photo shoot, the theme was planned…” he clearly did not compute…

         “Your aunt was a stripper in the 60s, but she eventually got sober and found the LORD again! That’s what YOU HAVE to do now!” 

         “Nothing bad was happening-“ 

         “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT!” He interrupted. 

    This was my first car, bought it when I was 17- a 93 Pontiac Sunbird.

         My body froze up and my heart sank… For my own safety I pulled over to the side of the road. 

         “You DROPPED OUT of school, you have NO CAREER in your future, you’re hanging around the WRONG PEOPLE, getting in trouble with THE LAW!”


         He hung up abruptly. I was crushed. We didn’t speak for two months, and when we did, we never brought up the fact that he hung up on me… the tantrum was allowed to happen with no repercussions… as usual. My thoughts and feelings, of course, are completely invalid to him. It’s always his way or the highway… I thought being a legal adult would bring me freedom… but apparently I would still have to prove my independence. 




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