• Is it possible to have a supportive BF as a nude model?

    Is it possible to have a supportive BF as a nude model?

    Misogyny shouldn’t be the norm anymore

    “You should be saved so only one man ever gets to see your body, that’s the only way to maintain your worth”

    “How could your man let you post those photos?”

    “You go to photoshoots alone and get naked? Obviously you’re a whore with no self respect!”

    Photo By Shantia

         These are all misogynistic comments I get semi-regularly. I mostly ignore them now, these people are sad, misinformed trolls. Jealousy doesn’t have to be present in a committed relationship… jealousy is toxic anyway! In my opinion, I don’t do anything intentionally to make my partner jealous.

         Some partners of models lie to themselves about their comfort around their significant other’s nude career. 

         There’s a stigma to nudity to be dealt with by anyone who chooses to partake in it. This stigma overlaps onto the consciouses of said nude model’s loved ones. If the significant other is not completely on board with it, they may lie to themselves or to others to make it acceptable in their own mind.  They want to *SEEM* like the chill, supportive partner, but may privately harangue their nude model partner behind closed doors. 

    Photo by Shantia

       A handful of other traveling nude model friends of mine have disclosed to me that their boyfriends “support” their modeling, but don’t want to hear about the photo shoots, and don’t want to see the photos. 

         There have been many times I have questioned myself. “Am I really just a narcissist? Why do I obsess with creating imagery using my appearance?” Honestly, I haven’t gotten to the bottom of that one yet… all I know is that, I am compelled to express myself in this way. If a partner shames me for it, that shame takes me back to my strict religious upbringing, it’s a dark place. 

         My two cents is that, if you have a partner who doesn’t make the effort to understand you, that relationship is doomed. If your significant other only views your images as sexual, and treats you like their property, tells you things like “I am giving you a REALLY long leash!” ..run! Take my word for it, it’s not worth the pain of enduring emotional abuse. 

    Photo by Shanti

         You are a goddess, no ones property. Your significant other should be ECSTATIC that you are expressing your beauty. 

         I am so lucky now to be with someone who not only loves my photos and videos, but he also has taken the time and dedication to learning model photography so we can make content together! We love passing back and forth creative fine art concepts,  hott twerking chicks, and sensual make-out videos we see other content creators making on Instagram as inspiration for things we might try. We fully trust each other, even though we both have been cheated on in the past by previous relationships.

         In a good relationship rooted in trust, neither partner tries to change the other or to subdue their self expression. Period! 

    *Kristy Jessica